How it all started

My time as photography enthusiast started when I received my first digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera for my 18th birthday. Since then I am taking pictures of all things that happen to appear in front of my camera. The diversity of photography is the one factor that still fascinates me about it. The pure beauty of nature is always out there - seeing and capturing it presents the actual challenge: No matter if it is taking classical portrait shots, creating stunning landscapes, seeing fine details for macro photos or capturing atmospheric still life. Even fish and underwater scenery while diving, wild life photos during a safari or just snapshots during everyday life with a smartphone are all part of that fascinating universe of photography.


I started with my sweet Canon 1000D which is still waiting in my bag for heavy duty or backup purposes. My journey through the Canon line up lead me from my 1000D over the Canon 50D and Canon 5D I to my current Canon 6D. During preparation for a longer holiday by bike it became clear that a DSLR would be too heavy, a more compact alternative would be necessary. I chose the mirrorless Samsung NX system with a Samsung NX100 first and a Samsung NX20 later on. Once even the Samsung NX is not compact enough, the Canon S100 compact camera was added to my everyday bag. It encompanies me almost everyday for situations a smartphone is not sufficient anymore.


I do most of my editing in Adobe Lightroom, in some cases I use Adobe Photoshop. My graphic tablet Wacom Intuos Pen S is very helpful with precise working. For stitching of panorama shots I use Microsoft ICE and HDRs are rendered with Photomatix Pro. The now and then black and white conversion is done in Silver Efex Pro, which can use the full potential of your photos.